Learning Stations

Various info stations along the 1,250 m walkway offer explorers both young and old valuable and fascinating information round about the topic of nature: There is a water pump which enables visitors to physically experience the effort it takes for trees to draw water up from their roots to the treetops; a specially adjusted set of binoculars demonstrates the acute vision of an eagle. Eagles have some of the most highly-developed eyes in the animal world. At the Eagle’s Nest, there are several bird’s nests to be discovered.

At the “Biological Diversity” discovery station, visitors can learn about the geological history of the island by means of a flip book, get to know the features of our main tree species with a memory cube, or find fascinating answers to interesting questions about biological diversity on folding panels. Trace the development of a butterfly from egg to complete pupation in a flip book at the Insect Station; learn about the forest with a slider puzzle or discover features of various insects with a memory dice. One question which is always interesting is that of the age of trees. Find out how old they are with a special visor device. Discover how trees can be seen from many different perspectives: as a commodity of the lumber industry, as a place of biological diversity or playing a part in mythology. How old would you be if you were a tree? Line yourself up with the measuring stick to find out!

Ausblick durch das Adlerauge
Vogelnester im Turm

Activity Stations

Aside from the learning stations with their educational content for young and old, our activity stations ensure fun and excitement. Conquer balancing beams or a wobbly obstacle course, high up above the ground! Don't worry, though – safety nets make sure that you won't have far to fall if you miss a step!

The activity stations guarantee a healthy portion of fun and excitement for the children on your family outing.

Erlebnisstation auf dem Pfad

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