“Eagle’s Nest” View Tower

The hightlight of the treetop walk is the view tower. It is unique not only thanks to its delicate architectural design, but also in that is built around a 30 m high copper beech tree. For 600 m, the walkway winds up round and around the tree and grants unique insights into the life and development of the beech.

From the trunk all the way up to above the crown of the tree, you’ll witness all kinds of life forms. Mosses, insects, small animals and birds can be watched from an unusual perspective. The walkway is, of course, wheelchair friendly here as well. A maximum gradient of 6 % allows for an easy climb. Once you reach the 40 m high view platform, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of the landscape of Rügen and out over the Baltic Sea. At a total height of 82 m above sea level, you can even see the church steeples of Stralsund and the pylons of Rügen Bridge, if the visibility is clear. With a bit of luck, you will even be able to watch the local sea eagles as they soar above the landscape.


4 Seasons - 4 New Perspectives

The treetop walk is open year-round, even in rainy weather, except in case of danger for example due to lightning or hail.

Experience fascinating views of Prora’s mixed beech forest as it changes throughout the seasons!


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