Facts and figures of the treetop walk


The Path

Total length
Length without tower
Path height
Path width

1.250 m
650 m
4 m - 17 m
1.80 m


The “Eagle’s Nest” View Tower

Length of path in tower
Length per round
Path width
Outer diameter of the tower
Inner diameter of the tower
Distance in-between paths
Diameter of view platform
Width of platform
Height of the tower

600 m
approx. 60 m
2.50 m
24 m
22 m
17 m
29 m
2.50 m
situated at 42 metres above sea level, height of 40 metres above ground


Entrance Tower

Outer diameter
Path width

14 m
24 m
1.80 m


Materials Used

 Construction of the “Eagle’s Nest” view tower
Girders:              gluelam larch wood
Rafters:               gluelam larch wood
Walkway:            untreated douglas fir
Constructed by:  WIEHAG GmbH, Austria

Construction of the path 
Girders:              gluelam larch wood
Rafters:              gluelam larch wood
Pillars:                douglas fir trunks
Walkway:            untreated douglas fir
Constructed by:  Holzbau Dengler GmbH, Bavaria

Amounts of materials used
Path:                                                   approx. 600 m³ timber
Entrance and “Eagle’s
Nest” viewing tower:                           approx. 650 m³ timber
Information centre roof construction:  approx. 500 m³ timber

Josef Stöger

Assembled by
Path:       Dengler, Bavarian forest
Towers:   Wiehag, Austria

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