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Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen – Experiencing Nature All Year Round

Nature is everywhere and always changing. Let it be spring, summer, fall or winter - the look, feel and smell of Prora‘s beech forest at the Prora DBU Natural Heritage Site is never the same. The Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen is open for visitors to experience and explore nature throughout all the different seasons.

  •  The 1,250-metre-long treetop walk takes you through the forest canopy and is packed with information and adventure stations.
  •  The “Eagle’s Nest” viewing platform, 40 metres above the ground, provides a fantastic view over the Island of Rügen, the Kleiner Jasmunder Bodden and the Baltic Sea.
  • The modern Environmental Education Centre with its exhibition called „Experiencing and Understanding Nature“ is filled with exciting activities and fun facts for the curious at heart.
  •  A variety of offers and hikes. Local experts offer an array of guided excursions through the forest or the “Ice-Fire-Water”-tour to the flint stone fields. The NatureLab is a great place for children and youths to get hands-on experience watching caterpillars eat or exploring bionics.

“We want everyone to experience the uniqueness of this landscape together with its flora and fauna”, is site manager Jürgen Michalski’s maxim. Enchanted beech woods, mysterious alder groves, and 4,000-year-old flint stone fields make this a truly extraordinary place. The Naturerbe Zentrum is located in eastern Rügen, covers 1,900 hectares, and is home to three very different types of habitat: forest, open habitats and wetlands. Previously a restricted military area, the grounds are now home to numerous endangered plant and animal species.

In 2008, the land was transferred to DBU Natural Heritage GmbH (DBU Naturerbe GmbH), a non-profit subsidiary of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU). With financial support from the DBU, the Erlebnis Akademie AG, headquartered in Bad Kötzting, built the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen in 2013.

In addition to constructing the treetop walk and the Environmental Education Centre within only one year, the historical Prora forester’́s house was lovingly restored and now accommodates the administration. A place came into being that provides visitors with the opportunity to experience nature, learn about natural processes, and about the exciting history of the Island of Rügen.

The Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen is located within a beech forest. Visitors start on the wheelchair-friendly treetop walk. The maximal incline of the walkway is six %, ensuring accessibility for strollers and wheelchairs. En route, there are information and adventure stations at which visitors of all ages can learn by doing. For example, there are balance challenges, a crank that visualises the energy which a tree requires to transport water from its roots to the tips of its branches, and a specially modified spotting scope that simulates the visual acuity of an eagle. Then the walkway begins to wind up and up, accompanied by a story about a young eagle which has fallen out of its nest. It encircles a beech tree and culminates in the “Eagles’s nest” platform. On top – the little white tailed eagle has finally found back to the safety of its nest – the viewing platform, 40 metres above ground, offers a magnificent view over large parts of the island. After descending, the walkway ends in the Environmental Education Centre with its exhibitions, the shop and the “Boomhus” restaurant.

Is one tour up to the treetop walk enough? Not really. The trees surrounding the walkway change with the seasons, as do the activities and exhibitions offered at the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen.

January 2018

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